How to get free Robux

How to play Roblox?

You can play using the arrow keys or AWSD keys, whatever feels better for you.

Always play in first person view, as you get many advantages by playing in this mode, such as finding the enemy faster. I recommend you to play the tutorial games; they were made to help to introduce beginners to the game and help you to take the most out of it.

If you want to be able to talk in Roblox you will have to go on your Hotmail account and open the email that Roblox sends you, read it and click the link to activate your account. Be careful not to swear in the chat, or you can see yourself getting banned (permanently or temporarily) from the game.

The game was firstly created for the teens to make their own playgroups where they could all enjoy the game together and experience the emotions the game can bring you together, such as fear, fun, happiness and even create their own maps.

This is a 100% free to play the game, you just have to download it from the official website and register your account, after that you are ready to play.

Useful Hotkeys you need to learn

F11 = Enables full screen mode.

This makes the game run in a full-screen sized window; it will allow you to feel your gaming experience to the max.

F12 = Saves your current gameplay, it is a really useful fool. You can save it to your desktop and after that upload your record on YouTube to show your friends.

Y or W = This key has to same use as a START key

X = Pressing this key makes you pause the game, to take a rest or eat something.

How to reduce the lag

Sometimes you get a really bad connection in Roblox and it makes you unable to play due to the high lag. The Roblox studio is used to build stuff but it also has it part in reducing the lag.

Simply open the Roblox Studio, click on tools option, settings, rendering and you can manage the game quality.

How to get free Robux?

Robux is really important to have, and you can improve your gameplay and have more fun if you get them. So how exactly can you get free robux?  In order to get free Robux, you have to download a program that generates them. I recommend this Roblox Robux Generator, it was tested and verified through 10 different antivirus, it is working 100% as of today.

Have fun getting your free Robux and enjoy the game.